Darkmira Tour PHP

The Darkmira Tour PHP is a 3-day annual community event in Brazil aimed at obtaining state-of-the-art quality, devops and good development practices in the PHP ecosystem. This is the only event that brings together the 27 Brazilian PHP communities each year, for an exceptional weekend of sharing, outstanding talks, networking opportunities and many PHP animations.

Cyrille Grandval, coordinator


ScotlandPHP is an international conference organized annually to promote web-based software engineering development practices. Despite a potentially large audience, ScotlandPHP limits the number of seats at the event to ensure that everyone can grow as a web practitioner.

Thomas Dutrion, organizer

PHP Usergroups


AFUP, the French Association of PHP Users, is a non-profit organization established in 2001, whose main objectives are to promote the PHP language and its ecosystem and contribute to its development with professionals and the community.

Kevin Nadin, member within the local branches work group

AFUP Lorraine

AFUP Lorraine is one of the local branches of AFUP. Like this latter, one of the main aims is to promote the PHP language and its ecosystem through actions such as conferences and various meetings. With a most of the activity in Nancy, the branch is also represented in Metz and in the 4 departments of the Lorraine region.

Cyrille Grandval, coordinator

Thomas Dutrion, moderator


The AFSY (French Association of Symfony) aims to promote the use of the Symfony framework and evangelize good development practices to companies and academics. To do this, it organizes free evenings accompanied by conferences or discovery workshops Symfony and traditional "sfPots" in several cities in France.

Cyrille Grandval, co-organizer