The developer's charter is a non legally binding document signed by all our employees, the dev’hackers. It constitutes the ethical foundation of their professional practice and the essential values of society.

It defines the framework allowing Darkmira's developers to work and grow as professional practitioners.

It is made up of three great founding spirits:

The entreprenarial

  • Undertaking
  • Willful
  • Sociable
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The hacking

  • Involvement
  • Sharing
  • Hands-on imperative
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The spirit
of industrialization

  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Security
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The entreprenarial spirit

The dev'hackers are not just an employee doing a job for their company. They are committed to promoting the values and best practices of Darkmira. They are also an actor in their own professional development and do not hesitate, as such, to ask their direction concerning their evolution.


They are active in the team or project on which they collaborate. They demonstrate dynamism and even a certain audacity, insofar as they are asked to be proactive and strong proposal. They are autonomous, resourceful and assumes their responsibilities.


They are spontaneously involved in the actions of the company to share their knowledge and skills with other dev'hackers of the company and their network, for example by contributing to the organization and animation of our Train'hacker (bi-monthly meetups)


The dev'hackers are remarkable for their human qualities of conviviality and mutual aid. They are warm and willing to serve both professionally and personally, They are people you can rely on. They like to share moments with colleagues.

The hacking spirit

The Darkmira developer naturally carries the hacker's core values


They are active and involved in the PHP ecosystem and its environment. They interact with the community by participating in open-source projects, giving feedback on RFCs, helping with threads and groups, participating in / organizing events, etc. They exchange on platforms and social networks (Github, Twitter, Linkedin, forums and blogs). They make the technological watch by keeping themselves regularly informed of the news of the world of development.


The dev'hackers like to share skills, work on free and open-source projects and share good practices. Thanks to their excellent understanding of the technique and their creative minds, they offer new features and enhances the existing techniques they like to share with the community. They also participate in conferences and meetups regularly to exchange and meet new people.

Hands-on imperative

They like to experiment the technique themselves to better understand it. For this they do not hesitate to hack, disassemble and put their hands in the mud. They push development to its limits. Their curiosity and passion lead them to play with the technique rather than to undergo it.

The spirit of industrialization

The Darkmira developers are militants of the beautiful code. They wants to develop reliable, maintainable and secure applications to minimize technical debt.


They ensure compliance of the application delivered against the requested specifications. They set up test suites to ensure the non-regression of the application and automate them by making them run regularly. They are committed to finding and correcting bugs throughout the development process.


Dev'hackers are committed to developing a high quality code, in particular by respecting good code practices, and the implementation of automation tools for quality control.


They care about security at every stage of an app's lifecycle. They make sure to take every mesures to avoid information leaks, intrusion and degradation of the applications on which they work.